Do you sometimes feel so consumed by grief that you fear it will never end? That you’ll never be able to be happy again?

This book will give you hope while showing you how to channel grief to find love as a source of power.


Growing Through Grief


In this book, Michele Mariscal offers a perspective on the possibility of growth through the difficult journey of grief and loss. Readers will learn that each difficult emotion may hold in it the seed for healing as well as how to eliminate anxiety and depression by processing their emotions of loss.

In this book you will learn about

  • Daily practices to help you heal from grief
  • How to bring hope back to your life
  • How to eliminate anxiety and depression
  • Why mourning is a powerful journey
  • And much more

In her journey, Michele reached a peak so difficult that she found it hard to get out of bed and show up to work. But through dedicated practice and trust that something awaited her on the other side of overwhelm, she now shares how hope and the power of choice can be your allies in moving through grief and loss. 

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“Growing Through Grief”

The Alchemy of Healing From Loss