How often do you take time to pause, to purge, and to enter the silence of your heart?  Join Kelly Andrews and me for an experiential opportunity to take time for yourself – on purpose! In our experience most of us (our clients and us personally) blaze through the days not honoring or allowing our feelings and emotions to see the light of day – until some kind of crisis occurs.

At this event you will:

  • Connect with others looking for a deeper connection to Self in community
  • Take time to reflect through meditation, journal writing and sharing with others
  • Learn energy regulation tools and techniques to put into practice in your life
  • Create a plan of action for sustaining your self-care goals

Retreat will be held on Zoom platform

What you can expect as a participant:

  • The experience and skill of moving into silence
  • Learn to trust the heart’s intuitive guidance
  • A variety of self-care approaches and resources for daily use

When: Monthly event to be held the first Saturday of each month

1:00pm PST – 3:00pm PST

Cost – $49

2020 Dates: May 9th (2nd Saturday), June 6th, July 11th (2nd Saturday), August 1st, September 5th


Thank you for the special, heart-felt Embody Heart Experience. I wasn’t sure how it would be to experience this format online as a participant, but it was an excellent and comfortable way to experience and process in the comfort of my home. The experience of the guided meditation followed by contemplation was heart-opening for me and it has lingered long since we sat together. Thank you for your sincere and grace-filled hearts to serve in this special and much needed space.

Kathleen Klug

Clean Beauty Advocate with Beautycounter & Integrative Nutrition Health Coach,