Learn practical and powerful techniques to calm yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically! Tune in to your heart connect!

Do you feel like you live too much in your head? Learn how to connect more deeply to your heart through science, biofeedback, community, and consciousness . When you access the heart’s intelligence and combine it with your head intelligence, the benefits show up in many ways. Productivity, satisfaction in life, mood, sleep, immunity have all been shown to improve. When you align with the strengths of our heart (emotions/feelings) you bring peace and balance in your life.
When you practice individual coherence – defined as the positive coordination between immune, hormonal, and nervous system activity – you can then create a powerful field of energy. And when individuals change and come together in community, social change happens. By empowering yourself first, you can then create social change with others of like heart and mind.
To help you with your efforts to become more individually coherent we will learn and practice tools and techniques to use IN THE MOMENT – like when you’re in the middle of traffic backup! Learn how to pause, center, appreciate and breathe in situations that are challenging and how to be coherent in difficult situations.

New, coherent communities are being built all around the globe. It’s not just about being mindful or to meditate – by learning new science based tools and techniques, together with passionate, like-minded locals, you will change your community in ways you have never believed is possible.
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Change Happens When We Connect!

Here are some learning points for each event:

The science behind personal coherence and other topics

Role of emotions and shifting your state

Personal coherence global coherence for social change

Heartmath® technology

Future dates in Carmichael, CA (address provided with ticket purchase)

Sunday, April 19, 2020 2pm – 3:30pm

Sunday, May Date coming soon 2pm – 3:30pm

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