Secret Sauce of Downsizing


This book covers everything from soup to nuts in regards to downsizing, with tips and solutions from experts in all areas from Professional Organizing, to Legal, to Home Buying and Selling, to Mindset, to Communicating with Loved ones and so much more.


Cost: $16.95 + $4.95 shipping and handling

Book of Words


Open anywhere and pick a Word for the day! This is a book you put on your coffee table, leave in the bathroom, or keep on your desk.

Use it in any way.

Ask a question and see what word shows up when you open the book. It’s just a fun book to lighten your day.Pick up a copy of this fun filled book and discover a new word, or meaning, today!

Cost: $14.95 + $4.95 shipping and handling

Growing Through Grief


In this book, Michele Mariscal offers a perspective on the possibility of growth through the difficult journey of grief and loss. Readers will learn that each difficult emotion may hold in it the seed for healing as well as how to eliminate anxiety and depression by processing their emotions of loss.

In this book you will learn about

  • Daily practices to help you heal from grief
  • How to bring hope back to your life
  • How to eliminate anxiety and depression
  • Why mourning is a powerful journey
  • And much more

In her journey, Michele reached a peak so difficult that she found it hard to get out of bed and show up to work. But through dedicated practice and trust that something awaited her on the other side of overwhelm, she now shares how hope and the power of choice can be your allies in moving through grief and loss. 

Cost: $15 + $3.95 shipping and handling

I’m The Missing Piece


Being out of the box is scary and Green Piece finds himself surrounded by others who look different than him. He meets Cecil Celery Stick who helps him think. Great Thought offers wisdom throughout his adventure, and Candi “with and I” Cane just wants to be free. Dust Bunny offers help when Green Piece falls, Freddie Fly, Bubble and Bruiser all help him find his way back. Join Green Piece on his adventure as he finds his place, the place where only he fits!

Cost: $11 + $3.95 shipping and handling

Jumpstart Your ___________


What kind of jumpstart do you need? Are you looking for support with any or many of the following?
•Your Business / Making Money / Changing Career
•Life Transition / Health Issues / Losing Weight
•Planning / Strategy / Focusing / Decision Making
•Limiting Beliefs / Becoming More Empowered
•Legal Issues / Real Estate / Building Wealth

If so then you want to pick this book up and read it – it will help you! The 26 authors in this book have experiences and expert knowledge that can help you jumpstart just about any area of your life, health, relationships, and business or career. If you find yourself a little stuck somewhere, this book will help you take that next step you need to take now to move closer to your goals. 

My chapter is entitled Jumpstart Your Heart – Be a Conscious Co-Creator in Your Day!  In this chapter I talk about how you can connect to your heart to access a deeper intelligence to guide you in decisions and deeper intuitive understanding. 

Cost: $18 + $4.95 shipping and handling